5 Common Household Pests and How To Get Rid of Them

It happens to all of us. You’re sitting in your living room, enjoying your morning coffee when suddenly you spot an uninvited guest. No, it’s not your mother-in-law at the door, it’s a bug!

No matter what variety of insect you’re dealing with, household pests are not only unsightly, they can also be dangerous to your family and your home. That’s why it’s important to take steps to rid your home of them as soon as they’re spotted.

To learn about a few of the most common types of pests and how to get rid of them, just keep reading!


Though they aren’t the most destructive of household pests, for many homeowners, cockroaches are the most dreaded. These creepy-crawlies enter through cracks and holes in your home, attracted by waste and food.

To prevent them, ensure that your home (especially your kitchen) is kept neat and tidy. Seal any points of entry and then exterminate the ones inside with a mixture of three parts boric acid, one part powdered sugar.

If you’re struggling to remove them, it might be time to look into local pest control services.


Gnats are among the most irritating pests in homes, as they seemingly appear out of thin air. Preventing them is easy, just ensure that your windows and doors are sealed.

To get rid of them, pour ammonia down the kitchen sink drain and trap the rest using apple cider vinegar and a mason jar.


Mosquitos aren’t harmful to your home, but just a bite or two to your skin and you’re in for an uncomfortable few days. To keep them away, you first need to ensure that there are no holes or tears in your window screens.

Don’t leave doors or screenless windows open for long, especially at night. If you’re dealing with a serious mosquito problem, the fogger backpack available from https://invatechitalia.com/ can be a life-saver.

House Flies

Is there anything more annoying than a fly buzzing around you while you’re trying to relax? And no matter how many times you swat them away, they never relent.

The first step in ridding yourself of house flies is to clean and sanitize your home. Like many pests, they’re attracted to food debris. To remove the ones already in your home, use lemongrass oil, which works as a natural fly repellant.

Bed Bugs

A cluttered home is not only detrimental to your mental health but provides the perfect habitat for bed bugs. They can be picked up anywhere, and once they’re in your home, they’re difficult to destroy.

If you spot a bed bug, don’t wait to reach out to pest removal companies to find the best option for you. Catching the infestation early is key. In addition, wash all bedding in the hottest water possible.

Rid Your Home of These Household Pests Today

Don’t allow these uninvited guests to destroy your home! By using this guide, you can rid your home of household pests today.

With a bug-free home, you and your family will be safe and comfortable in your own space once more.

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