5 Creative Name Tag Ideas to Mix Things Up at Conferences

Planning a successful conference can be tricky. With so many small details to account for, it can feel overwhelming trying to set your meeting apart. One easy and practical way to make your event more attendee-friendly is with creative name tags. 

We’ve all been to a conference where we’ve struggled to read “Hello. My Name Is…” name tags. We know how easily lanyards get lost or left in hotel rooms. While bad name tags may not make or break your conference, these creative name tag ideas can make networking easier and help you create a memorable event.

Check out these 5 unique name tag ideas for your next event!

  1. Consider Magnetic Name Tags

One of the most inconvenient things about name tags is how they ruin clothes. Whether they leave sticky residue on your shirt or poke holes through a blouse, the wrong name tags can leave attendees scrambling to find a dry cleaner on day two. 

Magnetic name tags are a great way to keep name tags on someone’s chest without damaging their shirt. Digitally printing attendee information makes name tags easy to read and attractive. Take a look at these cool name tag options to create professional name tags that attendees will use again and again. 

  1. Include QR Codes

Most people attend conferences to connect with new people, so carrying a stack of business cards is usually a necessary evil. Save your attendees the trouble by printing a QR code on their name tags. 

Before the conference, you can let your attendees know to download a QR code scanning app. Then, once they arrive, they can scan another person’s badge to receive their contact information. Your attendees can relax and enjoy the conference when their pockets aren’t bursting with business cards. 

  1. Customize Colors Based on Industry

Conferences succeed when they make networking as easy as possible. If you have an event that appeals to a wide range of industries, consider using different colored name badges for each sector to help attendees find who they want to talk to quickly.

This is especially good for identifying recruiters or designating speakers. Knowing who people are at a glance can offer peace of mind to your attendees as they navigate your conference.

  1. Try On-Site Badge Printing

Having conference badges pre-printed may seem convenient, but no one likes searching a long table for their name. A badge printing service can make your check-in process seamless and enjoyable for attendees. 

This is especially useful for large events, where a personal touch can help ground an attendee at the beginning of the conference. With this initial touchpoint, greeters can help direct attendees to booths or events they’ll find interesting. 

  1. Create Sustainable Conference Badges

While slightly more expensive per unit, sustainable name tags stand out and show your attendees your thoughtfulness and modernity. This choice can alleviate the wastefulness that often comes with conference name tags. 

Once you’ve gone beyond regular paper and plastic, the opportunities are endless for customization! From bamboo tags to handwoven lanyards, sustainable name tags help you make a statement. 

Finding the Right Creative Name Tag Ideas for You

Setting your conference apart doesn’t have to be a headache. It just takes a little attention to detail. Unique event badges can offer your attendees a conference experience they’ll never forget. 

Once you’ve found the creative name tag ideas that work for your business, consider setting your event apart in other ways. Keep reading our blog to find other ways to set your business apart!


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