6 Different Types of Tools for Woodworking

Did you know that there are more than a quarter of a million woodworkers in America today? This statistic only includes professionals, the number of woodworking hobbyists is much higher!

Not only is woodworking incredibly fun, but the satisfaction of crafting something with your own hands is unbeatable. Whether you’re a woodworking beginner or an experienced woodworker, it’s important to always keep your tools up to date. Your woodworking tools are equally as important as the hands that wield them.

This complete guide to the tools for woodworking will have you picking out carpentry tools like a pro. Read on to learn more!

  1. Saws

The first step of any woodworking project is cutting your materials down to size. This means you need accurate saws of every kind.

You’ll need power saws, hand saws, and circular saws. In addition, be sure to stock a variety of blades for both ripping and crosscutting.

  1. Woodworking Tape

Woodworking tape is one of the most neglected tools needed for woodworking. Double-sided tape can adhere pieces together, hold templates and cloth backing together, and more.

Regardless of your current project, woodworking tape is essential!

  1. Tape Measure

You’ve almost certainly heard the phrase “measure twice, cut once.” An accurate tape measure is the trusted sidekick of any woodworker.

Try to get one that’s about 25 feet long and retractable. In addition, ensure that the hook on the end has no give. If it wiggles, it can throw all your measurements off.

  1. Utility Knife

A pocket knife is a must for any woodworker. A good utility knife with disposable blades is perfect for cleaning out joints, scribing wood, and more!

Always make sure that your knife retracts into the handle for safety.

  1. Squares

Measurement is the most important of all types of woodworking tools. An incorrect measurement can skew your project and ruin your materials.

A good assortment of squares allows you to verify every angle you create. In addition, most of them double as measuring rules. You should have several kinds of squares on hand including framing squares, speed squares, miter squares, and bevel squares.

  1. Quality Workbench

Your workbench is the literal foundation of all your projects. A good workbench can be a hefty expense, but its utility will pay for itself. In addition, if the better quality workbench you buy, the less you’ll have to spend maintaining it in the future.

Look for a workbench that’s solid hardwood, has an adjustable base for leveling, and has several built-in stops. Tool storage is also a big bonus! In addition, your workbench should have at least two different vices.

Step Up Your Tools for Woodworking Today

If you’re getting serious about carpentry, having the best tools available is key to finishing your projects without a headache! Accurate measurements and clean cuts will keep your project on target and save you from wasting materials (and money!). Don’t hesitate and invest in the right tools for woodworking today.

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