Are Videogames Beneficial to All?

There is no doubt that video games have historically had all sorts of negative stereotypes associated with them. For example, they were originally thought to be an unproductive form of entertainment that actively harmed the development of children. To older generations who had grown up playing outside with friends, it could certainly seem like they were unproductive. Even worse, they have also been viewed as dangerous, and a few infamous school shooting cases have claimed that violent video games were a contributing factor.


Today, most of these stereotypes about video games are no longer popularly held by the public. However, there are still some who would rather not play video games due to these presuppositions. Those who are avid fans of gaming might not be able to understand this view because, from their perspective, games are one of the best sources of entertainment in the world. In fact, it is safe to say that they are the best form of entertainment considering the industry is bigger than movies and music combined. The industry has seen incredible growth this decade, and gambling is another sector in entertainment that has mirrored this growth. There is no doubt that this is because of online gambling, and there are many online casino sites, like these options, that players enjoy, which might explain why the activity is incredibly popular right now.


Likely, the reason why some people don’t play video games is because they have no idea about the benefits that they can give people. It will certainly be surprising for some to learn that video games can actively benefit people, but research over the years has shown that video games can affect us in interesting, positive ways. For example, those who play video games can gain better coordination and dexterity in their hands. This should be self-explanatory as many video games demand fast hand movements. As video games are purely visual, hand-eye coordination is also improved.


One of the biggest advantages of playing video games is that they are arguably one of the best forms of escape there is. Of course, people will already know that movies and literature can allow audiences to get lost in them, but video games take this to a whole other level – they are unique in that they have interactivity. As video games are highly interactive, audiences can decide the pace of the story and sometimes even how it plays out. This leads to increased immersion which only makes the value of video games as escapism tools rise more.


Recent world events would have seen many confined to their homes as a result of governmental policy. During this time, people would have desired activities accessible from their homes. As we are now living in a digital age, the vast majority of entrainment can be enjoyed on a remote basis and while people have access to TV and streaming services, there is no doubt that during lockdowns, gaming would have been one of the most popular activities.


Those who doubt the positive effects of video games only need to try out some of the best options to realise why they are enjoyed by so many across the world.

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