Ensuring You’re Staying Safe Online


As our own individual online presence continues to increase and many of us look to be spending more time on the internet in general given a big shift toward remote working and the different online usage that will require, it’s becoming more important than ever to protect yourself online and to learn the do’s and don’ts of online security – but where is the best place to start, and how can you best ensure your own online safety without compromising your own online experience at the same time?


VPN and other alternatives – Whilst VPN’s have long been widely used and widely popular for staying safe online, they have come under scrutiny in recent years for the way data has been collected and shared often against what many of the biggest services advertise, and the growing costs for many too. There have been alternatives, largely in changes to different browsers that have similar protections build in and have become much more available for the growing number of users turning to them and given they don’t have the typical VPN cost associated with them too, they kill two birds with one stone. Given this is where many spend most of their time online, it’s certainly a good space to start too.


Options in anonymity – Given the changes for security online recently, it’s no surprise to see many different services advertising anonymity as part of the deal off the bat – the most prevalent come from online gaming options as there are a rising number of casinos for example that focus on anonymity here, as well as additional opportunities with the likes of browser extensions that offer ways to register to new services with anonymity in mind.  There are some limitations in this space and likely won’t be something offered in a wider scale but could certainly be something that is seen more commonly over a period of time too.

Be wary of your own digital footprint – Whilst it certainly is starting to become common knowledge that anything you post online, or anything you even draft to post then belongs to whichever service you’re using at the time and is making many users more aware and a little more careful about what they are posting, there are still those that aren’t as knowledgeable about this space online in particular. Often times some of what you post online could be more revealing than you may initially be aware of, whether giving insight to passwords or security information for example. There are plenty of tools out there now to help warn you and give further insight to risk areas in particular too, so this is certainly something to keep in mind.

There are plenty of other factors to concern with safety online too, notably a round keeping files safe and secure and keeping backups particularly with your new remote working approach, but should certainly be something you’re looking into if you haven’t already to ensure you’re staying as safe as possible!

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