Importance of Personality for Online Business

The online space has helped to change business in a large number of ways from delivering new services to potential customers to also changing the way many businesses handle transactions – something that has become increasingly apparent however is the need to develop an online personality. An example of this done extremely well has come from gambling companies like those found at, and online betting too – Paddy Power has been a staple of this by using social media to show off this personality and has helped to show how important it is for businesses to develop this online personality.

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One of the factors to be considered here is to have that human touch that had been missing with the emergence of online business – seemingly automated chat prompts and emails detach users from their experience and make things feel a bit cold and unpersonal, and the introduction of this lighthearted humor through social media brings that human touch back and makes customers and users interacting with these online businesses know that it isn’t a machine on the other side of things.

For other businesses, it’s a chance to promote and advertise products or services in a less than conventional way – the same old posters and newsletters may be effective for some, but social media has become a vital tool in marketing and much like having the human touch for those reaching out, having a personality on social media makes it easier for other users to follow – whether this be a witty Twitter account like Paddy Power, an engaging Tik Tok or Instagram profile, or all of the above – it isn’t as simple as just posting and hoping for a response, as users now demand something a bit more with some personality behind it.

It is becoming much easier to do, however, with careers opening up dedicated to those who are willing to provide this experience, and businesses as a whole are starting to realize the importance of having this different side of branding too – personality cannot be underestimated and its success is so widely shown too, and businesses are lining up to get someone skilled enough to take the reigns of a social media presence. For the businesses that have yet to explore the successes brought about by honing an online personality, there’s no better time than now as post-pandemic business is getting off its feet once more, and opportunities to try something new and to reinvent are growing in their place.

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