This Early Anthony Bourdain Series Showed the Chef’s Genius

By Kevin Price, Editor at Large of The Daily Blaze.

Recently I stumbled on Anthony Bourdain’s first solo effort at combining dining and travel.  Long before his Iconic Parts Unknown and the excellent No Reservations, there was A Cook’s Tour.

Made while in his 40s (2002-2003), when one first looks at the show they will ask, “who is that guy?”  He looks younger and different, but everything from his walk to his talk is vintage Anthony Bourdain.  It was produced by the Food Network, and didn’t last very long (just two seasons), but demonstrated Bourdain’s genius. The video quality is a little grainy and they seem almost like a home video.  But the series has the same hybrid feel that became his signature style — travel, cultural interviews, unique food choices, and much more.  It is probably still better than any other current series by anyone else in that genre.  It is that good.

For your entertainment pleasure, here are a few of those episodes in its entirety.  Check out more here.

Plan on getting sentimental.




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