This Is How To Become a Witch Right Now

Though many people think of witchcraft as an archaic practice, it’s extremely common in the modern age.

Witchcraft has been making a resurgence lately, due in large part to the destigmatization of what it means to be a witch. Many who practice the craft use enjoy witchcraft as a means of meditation, intuition, and manifestation.

Not sure how to become a witch in the modern age? Keep reading for some of the most vital steps to take before you can begin your practice.

Find Your Path

When it comes to practicing Wicca in the twenty-first century, you’ll first want to think about why you want to become a witch. Whether it’s a familial practice or you’ve always felt drawn to different aspects, the choice is yours.

However, if you’re becoming a witch because you want to impress your friends or to feel more important than others, you may need to step back and reconsider. Witchcraft is a way to connect with yourself!

You should want to become a witch because it calls to you – stay true to yourself!

Research Is Key

Before you can start practicing, doing your research is key.

Though a witch’s studies are never complete, there are a few important topics that you should become familiar with before moving further into your practice. From books to the Wicca Academy, your research will never end.

Some important areas you should research are herbs and plants, astrology, divination, crystal properties. You should also become familiar with grounding, cleansing, charging, banishing, and warding techniques.

Gather Your Tools

There are many tools you can acquire to help you once you begin practicing and doing spellwork. Before you use them, you should become familiar with their uses.

From candles and jars to a notebook for your Grimore filled with witchcraft facts and tips, there are plenty of tools out there.

Don’t worry about spending a ton of money at metaphysical shops in order to get your tools. Many of them can be handmade, or you can find similar items at discounts stores.

Establish a Daily Routine

Once you’ve done the research and collected tools and knowledge, you’ll then want to come up with a routine that works for you.

While you can find ideas and inspiration online, don’t feel as though you need to follow another witch’s routine to a T. From journaling to tarot readings, there are plenty of low-maintenance practices you can do every day.

However, this routine can change based on the seasons, holidays, and the phase of the moon. Don’t be afraid to go with the flow!

Now You Know How to Become a Witch

The modern-day witch is at a major advantage. Not only is it much more acceptable to practice witchcraft, but there are a ton of resources available online.

Remember that no two witches have the same journey. Everyone’s paths are different! Avoid comparing your practice to what you see online. Blessed be!

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