Tips to Make your Bike Riding Experience Safe and Secure

Bike riding is a thrilling experience, without a doubt. It gives bikers a sense of freedom while they enjoy the adventurous journeys. However, it’s worth noting that it’s quite dangerous to ride a bike compared to other vehicles. You are left exposed to many dangers while driving a motorcycle. The expertise needed to ride are not enough for proper safety. Still, many bikers ignore the harsh reality and venture on various trips riding without taking any precautions. Tragically, these bikers then get injured, with severe and even fatal injuries. But it would help if you did not give up on your passion for riding bikes due to this fact. Many bikers can indeed enjoy their rides safe and sound. However, this is only possible because they know that safety comes first. Therefore, they follow the safety precautions needed to have a secure bike riding trip. Here are a few tips that you should also follow:

Get legal safety

Legal safety is of immense importance to prepare for the worst. Even after following traffic rules and safety precautions, it’s possible to still get into accidents. Most importantly, many bike riders get accused of breaking the rules. Therefore, they end up being injured and often get wrongly fined or serve sentences in prison. Moreover, they are improperly fined through traffic tickets when it’s not their fault at all. However, bikers should be aware of their rights, and hiring lawyers for this purpose is the best solution. These lawyers hold particular experience in accidents and other situations related to bike riding. Hire the most skilled motorcycle lawyers to ensure legal safety and an enjoyable ride. Furthermore, it’s also smart to get yourself insured to avoid any future problems regarding your health and safety.

Wear safety equipment

Compared to other vehicles, bikes expose riders to more dangers. A motorcycle or bicycle does not offer any protection to the body, so it is your responsibility to take care of that. Many bikers often compromise their safety, as they wear clothes that offer no protection to look better. However, that should not be your priority; it’s essential to wear the appropriate gear if you want to enjoy a safe and sound ride. Wear clothes that have a thicker layer to protect against any falls.

Moreover, wearing glasses or goggles is essential to protect your eyes. Good eyesight is critical for a secure ride. If you can’t see what’s on the road, you will eventually get in an accident. There are many hazardous objects and insects in the air that can hit your eyes, making you often fall immediately. So, don’t risk your life to look cool; wear proper clothes and goggles.

Similarly, head injuries are a severe cause of disability and fatality amongst bike riders. Around 60% of deaths result from head injuries. Therefore, a suitable helmet is also of immense importance to protect yourself. Knee guards and gloves can also provide enough protection during accidents and save you from serious injuries

Check your bike for faults

Bike equipment can often malfunction and lead to accidents. It’s not always the fault of the driver. Therefore, inspecting your bike is a must before riding it. Perhaps, the most common cause of the malfunction is a tire that lacks proper inflation. It can make your ride quite challenging to handle, hence making it easier to fall over. So, check your bike tires to see if they contain the appropriate air pressure. However, make sure you don’t fill them with extra air, which can also be a threat to your safety. You should also fix the direction of the mirrors and see if the lights are functioning. The best way to check for any other faults, such as fuel leaks, is to take your bike for a quick round. Fuel system leaks were found in 62% of accidents related to motorcycles. However, you can reduce the risk of having glitches by keeping your bike in perfect condition at all times. Ensure to maintain it frequently, for example, by changing the oil.

Be aware of the weather

The dangers of bad weather can increase when you only have two wheels to support you. Bikes are mostly known to slip on icy or wet roads. You also lack a windshield to protect you against dangerous weather conditions, such as strong winds or rain. These strong winds hit you with an increased magnitude due to the speed of the bike. Arguably, these weather conditions can be thrilling for some bike riders; however, it’s not worth your life. You can easily get injured just for a temporary thrill. So, make sure that you check the forecast before getting out for a ride to ensure your safety.

Obey traffic rules

Specifically designed to ensure your safety, following traffic rules is a must for every bike rider. Indeed, breaking a few traffic rules can sometimes seem to make no difference, while it also saves you time when in a hurry. However, doing so can quickly escalate into a nightmare for you. You won’t have the slightest idea when you got into an accident. Moreover, many inattentive drivers pose a significant threat to bikers; however, you can avoid them by following traffic rules. The best decision is to drive in the biker lane if available; otherwise, it’s safer to go in the middle lane.

Make sure you are visible at night

Nighttime driving is common amongst bikers. However, you should know that riding in such conditions can increase the risk of accidents due to poor visibility. On top of that, many routes taken by bike riders are often not well lit with street lights. In such conditions, other vehicles have a hard time figuring out the presence of a bike. Even with lights on, other drivers cannot see the direction of your bike correctly. Therefore, many drivers wrongly predict the proximity and direction of bikes and end up hitting them. However, you can reduce this risk by wearing reflective clothing that is brightly colored. It’s also a good idea to cover your bike with reflective materials that shine when under a light.


Undeniably, bike riding is a great experience and a fun hobby that also can keep you healthy. However, you should make sure to prioritize safety while riding a bike. Not only will you protect yourself, but you will also ensure the security of those around you. Most importantly, you will prove that bikers can drive equally well to other vehicles.

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