Why is CBD so Expensive?

As the popularity of CBD oil products increases, new companies are cropping up and placing new products hitting the market. Many CBD oil manufacturers USA price their products to ensure they make a profit, but they also try to keep them reasonable.

Many factors influence CBD oil prices. When it comes to finding the right CBD products, you want to make sure you are getting a high-quality product, but that doesn’t necessarily mean paying a premium price. Let’s look at what impacts CBD oil cost.

Factors that Influence CBD Price 

When it comes to shopping for CBD oil, you have to look at more than the price. Some of the other things that you need to consider include the following:

  • Third-Party lab tests

Because the CBD oil industry is so new, there are not many regulations on what products should or should not contain. However, reputable companies will only put out pure, all-natural CBD products—and they’ll have them tested in an independent lab to prove it. These results should be readily available for you to check out.

  • Where and how was the hemp grown

You want CBD products that come from trustworthy, reputable manufacturers that have growing standards. This ensures that you are getting a pure product that does not contain potentially harmful additives.

  • Extraction methods

Currently, there are two accepted forms of CBD extraction: CO2 and ethanol. These have been found to be the most effective and produce the best CBD products.

How Do You Compare the Price of Various of CBD Products?

The price of CBD will vary from brand to brand. The average cost of CBD creams can range from $0.05 up to $0.30 per milligram. The higher the price, the higher the quality of the CBD topical product.

The cost of a CBD jar with cream varies so drastically because of the legal complexities that surround this product. In addition, how the product is manufactured and produced also has an impact on the price. Thus, it’s possible that one 30 ml bottle of CBD oil from one brand may cost $15, while another will cost more than $45.

So how do you know which one is the right option?

How to Determine the Best CBD Price per Milligram 

When it comes to choosing the best CBD price, it’s beneficial to use the CBD price per milligram. This will help you determine if you are getting high-quality CBD. The formula to determine this is simple. All you have to do is divide the price by total mg of CBD per bottle.

Let’s look at CBD oil that costs $44.99 per bottle and contains 300 mg of CBD. The formula would look like this:

$44.99 / 300 mg = $0.14 per mg.

This would mean that you are paying approximately 14 cents per mg of CBD, which would make this a higher quality CBD product. Thus, you may be getting your money’s worth with this particular product.

You Get What You Pay For

CBD oil can be expensive, but there are many factors that go into the price. Instead of looking at the overall price of the product, you need to determine how much you are paying per milligram. That will let you know if you are getting a good quality product that is worth the cost.

Alex Malkin is CBD-enthusiast, researcher, and co-founder of CBD.market, a trading platform for CBD products and educating. 

Alex is the author of the book “CBD: A Door to Better Health” and certified Nutrition and Wellness specialist. 


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